We've compiled a list of some of the most common questions we hear, both for business and general discussion, for your convenience.

What payout programs do you offer?
50% Payout on all sales!

We pay 50% on all new sales including rebills!

What payout methods do you offer?
Check and Wire.

How often do you pay?
Bi-Weekly. What else?

Do you run any specials?

What kind of traffic do you accept?
If its legal traffic we will take it! Feel free to send it any way you wish, except for Email spam, which we do not accept and will kill your account if you do send it.

Why should I promote DeniseMasinoVIP sites?
Our dedication to webmasters, our unique philosophy on creating memorable sites with 100% exclusive content, our massive investments into being the first to offer high definition video, and the fact that while this program is new our team has been very successful in the adult industry since the mid 90's and people will like you more if you promote us and everyone likes to be popular.

What are the details for the high definition video?
We're currently offering WMV files at 480p and 720p. If you're not familiar with HD-terminology that means our movies are far beyond DVD quality. We may offer downloads in the pinnacle of HD, 1080p, sometime in the future if average consumer broadband bandwidth continues to increase at a steady rate.

How often are you releasing new sites?
Our goal is at least one new site every 2 months. The development process for our sites is much more intensive than the typical affiliate program due to the high definition video production and the transparent technologies we develop to enhance the surfer's impression of interactivity. If you're interested in being among the first to promote one of our new sites just speak with your sales account manager.

What types of sites is DeniseMasinioVIP releasing?
Muscle and fitness, true amateur, solo girl, lesbian, various niches, and reality.

Have a question not answered here.
Simply ask any of our staff and they'll be happy to assist you, even late night drunk dialing relationship advice!